Copan Ruins

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Copán is an archaeological site of the ancient Mayan civilization located in the state of Copán in western Honduras, a short distance from the border with Guatemala. From the 5th century to the 9th century it was the capital of an important kingdom of the Classic period. Copán was declared a World Heritage Site in 1980 by UNESCO. It was one of the Mayan centers that contributed most to the development of astronomy; Several congresses of astronomers were held. The Q altar in which 16 astronomers appear-four on each side face, was erected in commemoration of one of these congresses.



04:00 am              Tranfer from Antigua to Copan Ruins

07:30 am              Breakfast in Teculutan. (Not included).

10:00 am              Arrive to Copan Ruins

Tour in Copan Ruins (with guide) during 3 hours.

01:00 pm              Lunch in the town of Copan Ruins

02:30 pm              Visit of the Archaeological museum

03:30 pm              Tranfer from Copan to Antigua

09:00 pm              Arrive to Antigua.













Copan Ruins



Day 1

04:00 am              Tranfer from Antigua to Copan Ruins.

11:00 am              Arrive Hotel Berakah

01:00 pm              Visit the arqueological mayan site. Included entrance fee.

Spend the night in Copan Ruins Town



Day 2

06:00 am              Transfer Copan Ruins to Antigua

01:00 pm              Arrive in Antigua Guatemala