Panajachel, Lake Atitlan

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Itinerary 05:30 am       Shuttle from Antigua to Panajachel, Lake Atitlan 08:00 am       Arrival time at Panajachel and time to Breakfast (Included) 09:00 am       Boat trip around of the Lake visiting three different towns: San Juan La Laguna San Pedro La Laguna Santiago Atitlan 03:00 pm       Return to Panajachel 03:30 pm       Arrival time at Panajachel 04:00

Monterrico Beach

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The coastal area around Monterrico is a totally different Guatemala. Life here is steeped with a sultry, tropical flavor – it’s a place where hanging out in a hammock is both a major endeavor and a goal. Among the main cash crop here is pachete (loofah), which get as big as a man’s leg. In

Volcanoes Tours

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If you like to meet, running, shooting or just live life, we organize group travel to different volcanoes of Guatemala, large volcanoes, active volcanoes and mountain adventures. Sharing with nature is a gift, a grace and a unique opportunity in life, share the beauty of Guatemala in its volcanoes. With 33 volcanoes spread throughout its

Acatenango Volcano

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Acatenango, along with his twin south volcano, Volcan Fuego, overlooking the historic former capital city of Antigua, Guatemala. Acatenango, which has two main peaks, was built during three eruptive periods subsequent appointments tephra The approximately 85,000-year-old boiler Chocoyos Atitlan. An ancestral Acatenango volcano collapsed south before 43,000 years, forming avalanche deposits Democracy, which covers a

Antigua Guatemala

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Antigua Guatemala means “Ancient Guatemala” and was the third capital of Guatemala. The first capital of Guatemala was founded on the site of a Kakchikel-Maya city, now calledIximche, on Monday, July 25, 1524—the day of Saint James—and therefore named Ciudad de Santiago de los Caballeros de Goathemalan (City of Saint James of the Knights of