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Chichicastenango, or “Chichi”, is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Guatemala for its cultural wealth and the colorful costumes of the region. Often here traditional religious rituals take place, which may be present with the permission of the local.

Its name means “Place of the chichicastes” or “bushes”. It is located in Quiche, and contains a huge cultural and traditional wealth.


Once in the Central Park of Chichicastenango, which is easy to reach instinctively, you can see the St. Thomas Church.

Here it is common to find “Shaman” or “Doctors” (religious leaders) practicing traditional rituals.

In the past, during the Spanish conquest and Christianization, it was difficult to strip them of their religious beliefs, which has resulted in a series of traditions that are a mixture of both religious currents.

Before this place was in a Mayan temple that was destroyed to build a Catholic church.

Initial steps were rejected by local and were replaced by steps, where each step represents each of the 20 days of the month of the Mayan calendar.

Near its base is an area to light a fire daily also traditional.

At its top, at the entrance to the church, often they practiced rituals with incense and prayers.

All this is a sign of curiously rooted traditions, because despite the Catholic church have been built, really local continued to practice their cultural and religious traditions of the door outward.

The Spaniards noticed this and did not insist. As time progressed and said mixture is now quite common to find people of the town inside the church also with Catholic traditions.
The cemetery and colorful traditions

Cemetery in Chichicastenango.
Cemetery in Chichicastenango.

As we climbed a hill to see a religious ritual, we could see the colorful local cemetery. This colorigo have reason to be because according to tradition, the white color is used to bury parents, which means purity. Mothers are buried under the turquoise means protection for women.

The children are buried under the sky and girls under pink.

Grandparents are buried under the yellow which means sun protection on humanity.